This article is about the achievement. For the goat mutator, please see Builder Goat (Mutator).
Achievement Builder Goat.jpg

Find all the blocks

Builder Goat is a Steam achievement.

There are three blocks in Goat City Bay to collect. Collecting each one unlocks one block for Builder Goat to use. All blocks are required to unlock the mutator, but all three are needed to complete the achievement.

  • Grass and dirt block: Partway up the barren hill behind the Skate Ramp, on the right.
  • Stone block: In the Cemetery.
  • Wood block: Past Cabrito Park, across the street from Goat Forest, behind a tree by the water.

Reward: Builder Goat

Grass Block.jpg
The grass and dirt block.
Stone Block.jpg
The stone block.
Wood Block.jpg
The wood block.
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