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This article is about the mutator. For the achievement, please see Builder Goat (Achievement).

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Builder Goat

“This goat excels in craftmanship. Build whatever your heart desires. Press Special to build.”

The Builder Goat is a mutator that gives the goat a blocky, pixelated appearance.

Unlock Requirement[]

Complete the Builder Goat achievement. Builder Goat is added to the mutator list as soon as you find one block, but all three must be found to unlock its full functionality.


Builder Goat, proud new homeowner.

Builder Goat has the ability to place blocks in the game world by left-clicking. Blocks can be used to build bridges and staircases, and can get Builder Goat just about anywhere with enough patience. Pressing Special cycles between the following options:

  • Grass and dirt block
  • Stone block
  • Wood block
  • Block remover (a black block with a red X)
  • No block

Each of the three blocks must be found in Goat City Bay before they are added to the cycle. Builder Goat cannot headbutt unless the "no block" option is selected.


Builder Goat is required for the Goat City Bay quests "Build 10 Blocks", "Build 100 Blocks", and "Build 1000 Blocks".


  • This mutator is a reference to the video game Minecraft, which features the same building mechanic and uses a similar character art style, But during Caves and Cliffs, It appears as a similar counterpart, Known as The Mountain Goat, and They are also Included To The Howling Peaks DLC From Minecraft Dungeons.



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