The Carnival called Cabrito Park is an area where a small amusement park resides.

The most noticeable feature is the Roller coaster labeled SOKOL, which with much effort can be ridden. If you go up the elevator to the roller coaster you can see a goat trophy at the terrace and you can quickly jump on it. you must lick it to stay on for about two seconds, however you will fall off unless you find a way not to fall off. The Ferris wheel is quite hard to get in, the only way the get on is try to fit your self in to the thin way between the roof and the cart. The bull ride is a fun way to live the game, If you get on or crash the bull, a lady in a red shirt (named Line) will appear from nowhere and ride you. The only way to get her off your back is to respawn or restart. The spider spin is another ride in the park, you can see a trophy on the tip off the pole that holds the ride when it lowers. There is also a trampoline and a bouncy castle. There is a mini beach near the roller coaster and another one near the spider spin which leads you to a sewer and the ninja turtles.