The Construction Site consists of a crane, a building that is under construction, a truck, two propane trailer tanks, and a smaller shed nearby.

Building Edit

Inside the building various construction materials and equipment are found. Holes in the floor are present, which in them are ladders leading to the next floor up. On the ground floor, a sedan is found. On one of the upper floors, a jetpack is found, which upon licking will equip it. Line and Stek are found talking on the roof. Francis be found sleeping on a mattress. A Be(a)con can be Found in one of the floors.

Crane Edit

The crane has a ladder leading up to a small platform which the player must walk around to get get to the top. At the top of the crane Gstfs is found sitting on the edge.

Goat Simulator PE Edit

in Goat Simulator PE, some changes are found on the building. they include:

  • A portable hole is found on one of the floors.
  • Jolle is found sleeping on a mattress.

Portable Hole Edit

To use the portable hole, the player must lick the hole and bring it to the green pipe, and put it on the top of the pipe. This will make a real hole, and jump into it will lead the player to the Low Gravity Testing Facility.