Goat Simulator Wiki
Action PC Xbox   PS4 Notes
Movement W, A, S, D Xbox LS.png PS4 L3.png Controls movement
Sprint Left Shift None, automatic None, automatic Will increase the goat's movement speed, will automatically activate after some time on console.
Jump Space Xbox A.png PS4 Cross.png Causes the goat to jump
Special R Xbox Y.png PS4 Triangle.png Triggers the goat's special
Zoom PC Mouse Scroll.png Xbox Dpad Up.png PS4 Up.png Changes location of the camera
Headbutt PC Mouse Left.png Xbox RT.png PS4 R2.png Will knock nearby objects away
Kick S + PC Mouse Left.png Xbox LS.png backwards + Xbox RT.png PS4 L3.png backwards + PS4 R2.png Will knock objects behind the goat away
Lick E Xbox X.png PS4 Square.png Will cause the goat to lick targeted object, press again to release target object
Baa 1 Xbox LB.png PS4 L1.png Will cause the goat to baa, in GoatZ it will cause the goat to infect nearby NPCs
Ragdoll Q Xbox B.png PS4 Circle.png Will cause the goat to fall over
Slow Motion F Xbox Dpad Left.png PS4 Left.png Slows down time
Rotate camera/Flip PC Mouse Right.png Xbox LT.png PS4 L2.png Will allow the camera to rotate while the goat won't turn towards that direction. Holding in a certain direction midair will cause the goat to do a flip
Mutator Menu M Xbox Dpad Down.png PS4 Down.png Will allow players to change mutators ingame. This is not available on the Xbox 360 version nor the PC version.