Goat Simulator Wiki

Enemies are NPCs in Goat Simulator which are hostile towards the player.


Goats: In the Fighting Ring, aggressive goats will try to knock players out of the ring.

G-2: G-2 will attempt to kick players out of the shipping container found hanging from the Crane.

Goat City Bay

Turdles: The Turdles found in the Sewer will attack the player if the player enters their room.

Logo Mobile.svgSlender Goat: Slender Goat will attack player who enter the Cemetery in the mobile version.

Goat MMO Simulator

Dobomination: The Dodobomination is an enemy which can be summoned by putting five Dodo corpses in the Pentagram.

Sheep: Sheep can be found almost anywhere, and are the natural enemy of goats. They occasionally fight Bears.

Bears: Bears can be found nearby the Goatwind Wall, they will attack the player on sight.

Logo Mobile.svgPolar Bears: Can be found during W.O.W.

Mermaids: Mermaids can be found around Glarblargle Beach in large groups.

Cows: Cows can be found in the Not So Secret Cow Farm and will fire lasers at the player.

Demon: The Demon is an enemy which can be found on Old Goat Mountain.

Giant Pet Ant The Giant Pet Ant is an enemy appears when the quest is taken.


Bodyguards: Bodyguards are NPCs which will attack the player when they enter certain areas.

Zombies: Zombies are common enemies which can be found at the very start of the outbreak, they are common but easy to kill.

Zombie Bodyguards: Zombie Bodyguards are stronger versions of zombies and possess a much larger appearance.

Zombie Governor: A variation of the Zombie Bodyguard that happears when the Governor is infected, fuctions the same as the Zombie Bodyguard but looks red instead of green like the rest of the zombies.

Spitting Zombies: The same thing as the Zombie, but shoots green balls at the player instead of eating them.

Zombie Goats: Looks like a zombified goat, will ram into a player.

Zombie Feather Goats: The same thing as the zombie goat, but looks like a zombified Feather Goat instead.

Naked Russians: A Bigge that has a censored head and shouts random stuff. Will steal weapons and can only be killed with the Heartbreaker or drowning.

Zombie Fireman Goats: A red zombified elephant that can shoot fire out of it's trunk. It also has a Bumper Car on it's back.

Zombie Classy Goats: The same thing as the Zombie Goat, but looks like the Classy Goat instead.

Ghost Zombies: Ghost Zombies are powerful variants of regular zombie types and can take many hits.


Police: The Police will attack the player if the player is caught doing certain things.

Waste of Space

Police: The Police will attack the player if they shoot a Freight Ship or the Spaceship Carrier.

Pirates: Pirates will attack the player on sight, attacking pirates will not anger the police.

Robots: When attacking Robots, they may eventually fight back unless the robot has blue pads.

GoatVille High

Buck the Beast: Buck the Beast will attack the player when released.