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Enemies are NPCs in Goat Simulator which are hostile towards the player.


Goats: In the Fighting Ring, aggressive goats will try to knock players out of the ring.

G-2: G-2 will attempt to kick players out of the shipping container found hanging from the Crane.

Goat City Bay[]

Turdles: The Turdles found in the Sewer will attack the player if the player enters their room.

Logo Mobile.svgSlender Goat: Slender Goat will attack player who enter the Cemetery in the mobile version.

Goat MMO Simulator[]

Dobomination: The Dodobomination is an enemy which can be summoned by putting five Dodo corpses in the Pentagram.

Sheep: Sheep can be found almost anywhere, and are the natural enemy of goats. They occasionally fight Bears.

Bears: Bears can be found nearby the Goatwind Wall, they will attack the player on sight.

Logo Mobile.svgPolar Bears: Can be found during W.O.W.

Mermaids: Mermaids can be found around Glarblargle Beach in large groups.

Cows: Cows can be found in the Not So Secret Cow Farm and will fire lasers at the player.

Demon: The Demon is an enemy which can be found on Old Goat Mountain.

Giant Pet Ant The Giant Pet Ant is an enemy appears when the quest is taken.


Bodyguards: Bodyguards are NPCs which will attack the player when they enter certain areas.

Zombies: Zombies are common enemies which can be found at the very start of the outbreak, they are common but easy to kill.

Zombie Bodyguards: Zombie Bodyguards are stronger versions of zombies and possess a much larger appearance.

Spitting Zombies: The same thing as the Zombie, but shoots green balls at the player instead of eating them.

Zombie Goats: Looks like a zombified goat, will ram into a player.

Zombie Feather Goats: The same thing as the zombie goat, but looks like a zombified Feather Goat instead.

Naked Russians: A Bigge that has a censored head and shouts random stuff. Will steal weapons and can only be killed with the Heartbreaker or drowning.

Zombie Fireman Goats: A red zombified elephant that can shoot fire out of it's trunk. It also has a Bumper Car on it's back.

Zombie Classy Goats: The same thing as the Zombie Goat, but looks like the Classy Goat instead.

Ghost Zombies: Ghost Zombies are powerful variants of regular zombie types and can take many hits.


Police: The Police will attack the player if the player is caught doing certain things.

Waste of Space[]

Police: The Police will attack the player if they shoot a Freight Ship or the Spaceship Carrier.

Pirates: Pirates will attack the player on sight, attacking pirates will not anger the police.

Robots: When attacking Robots, they may eventually fight back unless the robot has blue pads.

GoatVille High[]

Buck the Beast: Buck the Beast will attack the player when released.