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This article is about the enemies in Goat MMO Simulator. For enemies in general, see Enemies

Enemies are NPCs in Goat MMO Simulator. They are easily identified because their names, found right above their health display, are red, instead of green, which indicates passive NPCs. They will attack the player if he/she walks up to about 8 feet away from it. They usually attack by knocking the player away using it's particular combat style. If the enemy is strong enough, it may knock them back great distances or even out of the general area. However, just like the original Goat Simulator Maps, the player's goat cannot die. When killed, an enemy's name and Health bar will turn white and the enemy will remain a ragdoll and after about a minute, will disappear. If killed, the player will receive experience, which is used to level up. Like objects and passive NPCs, they can be collected and stored in the player's Inventory.


Dodos are small, white, flightless birds with orange beaks. They can endure one or two well aimed hits from most attacks before dying. They will not fight back if hit, but they may try to escape. They will ignore the player and mind their own business, and merciful players may let them go. Dodos are very light, and when hit they may fly so far away players cannot find them again. When hit they will screech a bird sound. They usually appear on pairs of two, and will respawn a short while after being killed. One common location to see them in is just outside the Goatshire. They are involved in two quests: Big Endangered Game Hunter, where the player must kill 10 Dodos. The second is Dobomination, where the player must take five Dodos, dead or alive, to the Magic Circle, a pentagram identical to the one in Goatville aside from the angry goat head in the middle. Doing this will light each on on fire, making a loud noise each time. This process creates the Dobomination.


GOLD HARVEST GOLEMs are large machines that can be found tending to crops in large fenced-in areas. They appear to use a large pair of treads on the bottom to move. Their torso and "head" are connected, and are basically big metal plates on a four-sided torso. Their "heads" have a large plate of glass revealing a hollow inside, as if it could be controlled as a mech by a human. On the end of its large metal arms are two rotating combine propellers, which are presumably its weapons of choice. They can only be seen around the Goatshire, and respawn less than twenty seconds after being killed. They, like all enemies, can be collected, but it is inevitable that they die in the process, as simply touching them sends them falling down into pieces, completely ruling out licking completely. They are among the weakest enemies in the game.


Sheep are supposedly the main antagonists in the game, and are also apparently the natural enemy of Goats. They will attack in a similar fashion to goats, headbutting and making sheep noises. They can often be found with the Mutators Rouge, Tank, Hunter, and occasionally Magician. It is also noteworthy that they are never labelled as "Sheep" in battle, only in dialogue. In battle, their individual names are completely randomized from hundreds, and are purposely supposed to come across as funny gamertags. They can be found battling Goats outside the Goatshire. Though they can also appear off-path in forests leading to Glarblargle Beach, over a hill near the entrance to Goatwind, around Twistram, and many other places. They can be described by human NPC's as "dastardly" and "thieving scoundrels". They will fight Goats without hesitation, and on occasion, they will also quarrel with Bears. They are able to withstand several direct hits from various attacks, most resistant to NPC Goats. They will respawn in the same places a short while after death.


Bears are a very strange enemy that appears as a person in a bear costume. They will crawl after the player on their hands and knees and claw at them. When they claw at the player, a slash effect appears in the air, though when the identical Mutator Jörgen slashes, there is no effect. They will spawn near the wall of Goatwind. They are also involved with the quest I Hate Bears given by Bjorn Hayterr, in which you have to fight and successfully kill 10 Bears. They will come in pairs of two, and respawn shortly after killed. After the quest, they still appear there. They will pick a fight with IsenGuards on their own accord, and will do the same to any sheep that wanders too close.


Mermaids appear as a sort of sunfish with a pair of human legs protruding from the bottom. They appear in places such as Glarblargle Beach with lots of sun and water. They will hit the player with their heads to attack and can resist several hits before death. They are involved with the quest The Sound, where the player has to collect 10 Mermaid Eyes, which are items that can appear upon killing a Mermaid after activating the quest. They are quite common in the areas they are found, and will respawn after about 25-30 seconds in the same general areas.

Miranda the Mermaid

Miranda the Mermaid is a Mermaid with an individual name. She appears near the geyser in Glarblargle Beach and will attack the player if approached. There is sometimes a Goat near where she stands, but they do not fight each other. She is involved with the quest The Mermaid, where Ariel Waterhouse will explain that he has a crush on her, but is too nervous to go and approach her so he enlists the player's help in bringing her back home, whether by dragging her or by putting her in the Inventory. When she is brought back to the Goatshire, Ariel exclaims that nothing will be able to separate them, completing the quest.


Demons are very large, red, muscular monsters in Old Goat Mountain. Originally, there is only one, but it can be killed with one hit, and within seconds another one appears and roars loudly. Their bodies do not seem to disappear after death. They also bear glowing red eyes, horns, a menacing grin with sharp, yellow teeth, hooved feet, and clawed hands. Apart from that they may be cross-eyed. They will spawn a large fireball that falls from the sky and launches the player quite some distance, sometimes out of Old Goat Mountain altogether. On occasion, it will launch the player through the stone and into the water, only for the player to find themselves under the Goat MMO Simulator Map. The fireball attack is slightly hard to time running under if you're careless. It is also involved in a quest given by DumbleDoore the Grey called Portal to Riches, where the player must visit Old Goat Mountain and defeat it. Similarly to how Mermaids drop Mermaid Eyes, the Demons will now drop Demon Horns, labeled upon finding as "DemonMasterLordOfDestructionKiller" and if given to DumbleDoor the Grey, will open a portal to The Trap. They are the only enemy that does not appear on mobile.


The Dobomination is a walking mutant ball of flesh and Dodos, which is created if if the player drops five Dodos on the pentagram. It is linked to the quest Dobomination, where the player must defeat the creature, a difficult task given it's powerful attacks and large health pool.


When the player confronts the king of GoatWind, The floor of the throne room will sink down, leaving the player trapped in a pit, which the kings "pet" will be released into. Ironically, it is a massive purple-blue-gray spider with four eyes. It hisses and will fight the player, and must be defeated to continue the quest. Afterwards, the king deems them a worthy fighter, and sends them after the Old Goat.

Old Goat

The Old Goat is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that lives in the bowels of a secret fortress filled with lethal traps. In the last room of the castle, the Old Goat has seemingly barricaded himself in a room where he writes in a diary and plots evil things. If he is tracked down and defeated, the player unlocks the "Old Goat" Mutator, and the Old Goat achievement. Old Goat Mountain, where he can be found, is named after him.