Goat Simulator Wiki

Events are a special activity in Goat Simulator. They can be activated by approaching certain icons in GoatVille and Goat City Bay. Activating an event takes you to a special instance of the map. Some events are multiplayer-only.

Mutators are allowed in events. Slow Motion works during events, but it does NOT slow down the timer.

At the end of the event a pop-up window displays your score and gives the option to restart the event.

Time Trial

Time Trial.jpg


  • Location: Behind Miram Core.
  • Appearance: A gold trophy.
  • Goal: Race through the city as Goat Rider. There are checkpoints in the form of blue arches with blue arrows pointing that you must pass under. Wall running is required at certain points.

Bicycle Race

Bicycle Race.jpg
  • Location: At the bottom of the Residential Area.
  • Appearance: A gold bicycle.
  • Goal: Ride around the city on a bicycle as Goat Rider. There are checkpoints in the form of blue arches that you must pass under while riding the bicycle.

Capture the flag

Multiplayer Event.jpg
  • Location: Behind the Sugar House.
  • Appearance: Two red and blue flags.
  • Goal: multiplayer only Capture 3 flags from the other sugar house.

Goat Hockey

Goat Hockey.jpg
  • Location: At the Skate Ramp.
  • Appearance: A gold hockey puck.
  • Goal: Multiplayer only. Goats are assigned to the red team or blue team. Goats slide around the skate ramp attempting to push the hockey puck into their opponent's goal. The game ends after approximately five minutes.