Goat Simulator Wiki

Q: bro are u srs

A: Yes.

Q: When is the release date?

A: It was released on April 1st, 2014.

Q: Will there be multiplayer?

A: Sadly we haven't implemented multiplayer, we are using NVIDIA PhysX and Apex for our in-game physics, which gives us amazing and realistic physics, but it would synchronise terribly in multiplayer. If we were to add multiplayer, we would have to rewrite most of the game code from scratch and we'd never finish the game in time, so we decided to prioritize other things (one of them being Steam Workshop support). However, it is possible that someone might succeed in modding in multiplayer in a very small scale using Steam Workshop!

Q: Mac/Linux?

A: We are currently working on a port of Goat Simulator to Mac and Linux! We don't have a date for when it's going to be done, but y'all are going to be goats!

Q: Can we monetize off of gameplay videos we make on youtube/twitch?

A: Yes, just as long as you give credit to us for the game, you may get as rich as you want through gameplay videos, reviews, previews and the like.

Q: I have an idea! Add open world and police and animal control and spaceships...

A: Goat simulator was made as a small game jam game and that’s how we want to keep it. We will polish the game up (but keep the funny bugs of course!), but we want to keep the core gameplay small and silly. Hopefully the game can make you laugh for an hour or something. We are, however, working on Steam Workshop support so people can edit in their own levels in the game!

Q: Does a Goat Simulator really need a wiki?

A: Goats are more complex than you think.