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This is your goat, Pilgor. There are many like her, but she's yours.

Pilgor in the Xbox version

Pilgor in the Mobile version

“Baaa” - Pilgor

Pilgor the Goat may look like an ordinary goat, but she is actually the de facto monarch of goat. She is considered by many to be a dumb-as-a-rock harbinger of Hell and glitches, and roughly 50% of non-goat outsiders hate her for having reportedly barged into their houses, licked them, headbutt them, run into their cars, etc. She resides in Goatville, though has been spotted on many occasions at GoatVille High, Goat City Bay, Goatwood, Space, the MMO map and in the GoatZ town.

Family: Other Goats (Brothers and Sisters)

Friends and Allies: All Goats, Cows (Formerly), The Animal Mafia, and Goat Queen, Geten, Mr. Horse (Currently), and Mark.

Enemies: Humans, Slendergoat , Cows (Currently), Ninja Turdles, Sheep, Zombies, Aliens, Mr. Horse (Formerly), Old Goat, and Buck The Beast.

About the other goats

Goats are a type of animal encountered in all maps of Goat Simulator. The most noticeable goat is Pilgor, the protagonist of the game. Goats come in different colors and sizes, and can respond to the player if they press baa.


Sometime during the MMO ages in 1662, goats were a domestic species that ruled all the Goat region. They served in the Goat and Sheep wars for many days, and lost most of the population. After the war, humans recognized goats as gods. Soon after the war humans domesticated goats and began building cities on their land. In the 21st century goats began rampaging across the Goat region, and humans classified the goats as a threat.

The war against humans continues on, and hell will I know it will stop.

Get to know Pilgor

Pilgor is the protagonist of the infamous Goat Simulator who is playable in every map. She's a goddess of chaos and is sometimes even depicted as a demon who has come to punish humanity for their sins. She can be modded with mutators to modify her appearance and ability(s). Pilgor likes to cause rampage across the Goat Simulator universe. Pilgor's name is a reference to Kenny Hotz's one-time goat in the television series Kenny vs. Spenny. Coffee Stain Studios AB's Armin Ibrisagic approached Hotz on Twitter to receive his blessing in using the name. Hotz is given special thanks in the game's credits for his cooperation.


When playing splitscreen, each player has a different colored goat.

  • Pilgor is the gray goat, she is used by the first player.
  • Geten is the brown goat, he is played by the second player.
  • Mark is the white goat, he is controlled by the third player.
  • Midnight is the black goat, she's the fourth player.

They're all best friends.


Main article: Controls

Goats are incredibly versatile, psychotic animals. They have many skills from generations of instinct, including:

  • Goats are always moving around, which is why they have four legs instead of two. Press W, S, A, or D to move. Use the left joystick on Console.
  • Goats can also look where they are going. Move the mouse to move the camera. Use the right joystick on console.
  • Does that fence dare to keep you penned in? Show it who's boss by jumping over it! Press Spacebar to jump. Press A on Xbox, or X on PlayStation.
  • And then punish the fence for its insolence by smashing it to pieces with your thick skull. Left-click to headbutt. Press RT on Xbox, or R2 on PlayStation.
  • Celebrate your hard-earned freedom by sprinting through the town. Hold Shift to run.
  • Goats have sticky adhesive everywhere on their tongues for licking things. Press E to lick with your tongue. Press X on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation.
  • A crate is sneaking up behind you to avenge the fence's death! Press S plus left-click to kick with your hind leg. Pull the Left Joystick towards you and press RT on Xbox, or R2 on PlayStation.
  • The goat language is incredibly nuanced and takes years (or even decades) to master, with even the most applied linguists cannot speak the ancient tongue of goat. Press 1 to baa. Press RB on Xbox, or R1 on PlayStation.
  • Now that you've mastered jumping, why not try out some aerial acrobatics? Hold right-click and press W, S, A, or D in the air to spin. Hold RT and Left Joystick on Xbox.
  • Sometimes a goat just needs to relax and lie down. Press Q to ragdoll. Press B on Xbox, or O on PlayStation.
  • Some walls are too high to jump over, but not too high to run up. Hold Shift to sprint, then press Spacebar to jump onto the wall and hold W to do a wall run. Press Spacebar again to do a wall jump. Use Left Joystick to run, and press A to jump and do wall jumps on Xbox, or press X on PlayStation.
  • Especially talented goats can walk on their front legs. Press W then S to manual, then repeatedly press W and S to keep your balance. Push Left Joystick in front of you and then toward you to manual, and the same to balance on console.
  • Goats always try to land on their feet. Press Spacebar just as you hit the ground to stick the landing and earn extra style points. Press A when you hit the ground on Xbox, or X on PlayStation.
  • Goats can pretend to be in Baywatch by literally changing how time and space works. Press F to activate Slow Motion. Use left on the D-Pad on console.
  • Rumors tell of especially powerful goats who have learned special abilities. Press R to use a mutator's ability. Use Y on Xbox, or Triangle on PlayStation.


Events in GoatVille

Pilgor's early life is unknown however she is presumed to be owned by Molle, Line and Bigge. But they had no clue that she was a goddess to wreak havoc on humanity. She was probably raised during her youth 'til she started her rampage on her owner's property, before causing mass chaos across Goatville.

Events in Goat City Bay

She is first at the main tunnel of Him Len before starting her rampage again. Pilgor finds herself a whole heap to destroy and causes havoc of the entire city, and starts mass panic once again.

Events in Goat MMO Simulator

Pilgor awakens in the main spawn point determinate as a class of one of the main classes. She becomes more experienced and fights many sheep. She then fights the almighty Old Goat in Old Goat Mountain.

Events in GoatZ

Pilgor has not yet completed her work and reanimates into a highly infectious corpse and awakens inside a coffin, to which she then begins to rampage across the rural area and turns the human population into mindless zombie beings. A few hours later a former neighbor hood builds two walls at the entrances to prevent hostile zombies. Two survivors named Oliver and his companion Philip guard their gates and lock up zombies in cages, including Pilgor. Pilgor as a zombie escapes and infects three survivors causing panic, and the safe zone eventually becomes overrun and with Coffee Stain Studios becoming lost during the attack. The two guards Oliver and Philip become infected and Pilgor escapes. On Day 2, Pilgor meets a few new zombies, one called a Spitting Zombie and infected goats, within the next days she finds more new zombies. She now has to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Events in Goat Simulator Payday

Pilgor is captured and locked up in a vault before being rescued by four thugs, where she once again becomes a playable character to punish humanity once again.

Events in Goat Simulator Waste of Space

Pilgor was flying around in her space ship and then pirate ships blasted Pilgor's ship and then Pilgor's ship crashes into a Space Station.

It's possible that this is the last we seen of Pilgor because the player can make Pilgor destroy earth, finally signing off, finishing her punishment to humanity as she wreaks havoc on the few remaining humans that have inhabited the space station.

Goat Facts

  • Goats are incredibly durable and can fall from great heights, be struck by moving vehicles, or even explode without being harmed.
  • Goats are heralds of chaos, and leave destruction in their wake. Don't feel bad about it; it's just the nature of being a goat.
  • Goats are always fashionable, and are especially fond of hats.
  • There are many kinds of goats that don't look like goats, but don't be fooled, because as the saying goes,"If it's not a human, it's a goat."
  • Many goats have genetically mutated, often with abnormal appearance and (sometimes) a special ability.
  • Goats have a monarchic society, and are ruled by a queen. Legend has it whomever sits on the throne of skulls becomes the ruler of all goatkind.
  • Goats have religion just like we do. They believe in angels, devils, and gods.
  • Goat makes an official appearance in the platform fighting game, Indie Game Battle.

    Goat's render in Indie Game Battle

  • Everyone knows the origin of goat, they first existed 10,000 years ago back in Iran.
  • You can find a goat simulator plushie here
  • You can find Pilgor's 3d model here and here.
    • Pilgor's name is mentioned in Payday, Waste of Space and in Buck to School.
    • Her gender was mentioned in the (old) menu screen: " Goat Sim is a physics game, and your goat may become stuck. If she does become stuck, press respawn or restart
    • She is the main protagonist, however she isn't in the Payday DLC if she isn't rescued at the Casino.
    • Her name was inspired by Kenny vs. Spenny.
    • Pilgor's name is used as username in Satisfactory.
    • Despite being a female goat, she dosen't appear to have udders.
      • Goats are the main mascot of Goat Simulator.
      • If Pilgor baas, goat NPCs will baa back.


Pilgor is a grey goat with a long, pink tongue, orange-yellow eyes, brown hooves, a black nose and beige horns. She has light grey patches of fur. She and the other goats are notably more detailed in the Xbox One version.

In all versions of Waste of Space except Xbox, she has blue eyes.