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Goat's are a type of animal encountered in all maps of Goat Simulator. The most noticeable goat is Pilgor, the protagonist of the game. Goat's come in different colors and sizes, and can respond to the player if they press [1] to baa. Their population ranges from medium, outnumbering Him Len the Classic Map

Geten is the brown goat. He is also the second player.

Geten is also in GoatZ. He appears to be dead. It could be possibe that Slendergoat Killed him. Due to the grave has the Trophy. And the grave that says Pet.

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Sometime during the MMO ages in 1662, goats were a domestic species that ruled all the Goat region. They served in the Goat and Sheep wars for many days, and lost most of the population. After the war, humans recognised goats as gods. Soon after the war humans domesticated goats and began building cities on their land. The goat population was heavily reduced to about 10 average at each town and city. In the 21st century goats began rampaging across the Goat region, and humans classified the goats as a threat.

The war against humans continues on, and hell will I know it will stop.

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  • Goats are the main mascot of Goat Simulator.
  • If Pilgor baas, goat npcs will baa back.
  • The Goat That Lives In The Graveyard In Goat City Bay Is The Undead Slendergoat.
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