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“Like SmallVille, but with goats”

GoatVille, referred to when opening custom games like the Classic Map, is a configuration of Goat Simulator. It is a village located between the wider municipalities of Him Len and Helvete. As the goats seem to have a strong connection to the community's heritage, they can be seen in structures like Goathenge and Goat Castle. Residents also organize blood cable sports involved, such as cockfights and a local video game studio, which can be seen developing a video game about a goat, a metahumorous joke on the Goat Simulator itself. In the depths of the hill, there is also a brilliant pentagram engraved on the earth, no center of which is inscribed or a goat's skull. It is shown that the goats are domestic for a family, although it is possible that the goats do not look like fighting bells, it is first kept here in the house's corral animal. This is a pen where the goat holder starts his turmoil. In addition, Cabras: The Awakening is a popular book found in the homes of GoatVille.


Quest Difficulty Goal 
Knocking Easy 100 metres
Knocking Normal 250 metres
Knocking Hard 500 metres
Flipping Easy Single flip
Flipping Normal Double flip
Flipping Hard Triple flip
Airheight Easy 5 metres
Airheight Normal 50 metres
Airheight Hard 120 metres
Biggest Combo Easy 1000 points
Biggest Combo Normal 4000 points
Biggest Combo Hard 10000 points
Airtime Easy 6 seconds
Airtime Normal 9 seconds
Airtime Hard 18 seconds
Manual Points Easy 1000 points
Manual Points Normal 2000 points
Manual Points Hard 3000 points
Wall Run Easy 2 seconds
Wall Run Normal 4 seconds
Wall Run Hard 10 seconds
Total Score Easy 20000 points
Total Score Normal 500000 points
Total Score Hard 2000000 points
Baa Easy 3 baas
Jumping Easy 1 obstacle
Buy a hat Normal 6 money objects
Lick Flowers Easy 1 flower
Find the Sewer Normal - - -
Bayhem - - - - - -
Car Accident Easy 1 car
Ritual - - - 5 humans or goats
Goat Rider Normal 1 rider
Trophies Hard 30 trophies
Trash Goathenge Easy
Goat Queen - - - - - -





  • Logo Mobile.svg A school bus can be found near the Gas Station that leads to GoatVille High (you need to go through the door).
  • There is a total of 30 Trophies hidden around GoatVille
  • There is a total of 35 Quests in GoatVille


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