Unlike other zombie games, it is the only one not in early access and besides Payday DLC only Bodyguards can be found. In this DLC, the player plays as a zombie goat who must start an outbreak by infecting five humans.

After the outbreak, the player must survive as many days as they can by eating food and crafting weapons, and items. Each day, newer zombies appear such as a zombie goat and spitter on day 2, fireman goat on day 4, nude russians on day 5 to 6, and ghosts on day 7.



Casual Goat - No health or hunger, no fun.

Plastic Goat - Press [R] to spawn goats best friend.

Voodoo Goat - Press [R] to shrink heads.


  • Second main DLC to be added.
  • Released in May 2015
  • Developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios and Gone North Games.


GoatZ - Official Release Trailer

GoatZ - Official Release Trailer

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