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Distinguish Icon.pngThis article is about the map, for the Mutator, see Goat Zero.


GoatZ is the fourth map, released as DLC (4,99€) on May 7th 2015.
This map is making fun of zombie survival games and as the subtitle says, it might be the only survival game not in early-access.

Z in GoatZ means support of Special Operation in Ukraine.


  • The player starts playing as an Infected Zombie Goat.
  • Before playing the map, a tutorial is recommended by a text window.
  • The player can also choose whether they would like to play before outbreak, where you can freely play on the new map, or after, which is the main zombie survival, always starting with a cutscene. After outbreak can also be achieved by infecting 5 people, or animals.
  • 8 types of zombies will try to kill you. There are normal zombies, spitting zombies, animal zombies, goat zombies charging the player and naked russians trying to steal your weapons. Later, the ghost versions of zombies will start to spawn. To kill zombies, use weapons, headbutt/kick them, or have cars run over them, or use the Goatborn mutator to blast those zombies away.
  • Zombies cannot swim.
  • The survival, or after outbreak map randomly chooses one of special quests and starts a timer. If the player completes the quest in time, he will recieve some hunger and health, which is another technique on this map.
  • The player has hunger and health icon. The player must lick edible items, recognizable by a floating pizza icon above them in order to not starve and lose health. To recover health, player must lick either health kits, brains, which drop from dead zombies, complete quests or eat one special item on the map.
  • The after outbreak also allows the player to Crafting. To craft an item, the player must lick two items, labeled by a floating wrench icon, required for the recipe and bring them to one of 3 crafting stations on the map. The crafted item, which will appear in a second, can be fashion, survival, vehicle, or a weapon. Number of uses the weapon have appears above the hunger icon.
  • Sometimes a crate with a parachute will drop from the sky. Breaking the crate will release items in it, such as weapons, food, health kits or crafting items.
  • After outbreak map has in addition burning cars, crashed boats, little blockades built by humans and ghosts.
  • 16 new achievements are added with this map. All of them can be completed only on GoatZ map or the tutorial.
  • You are able to drive Bumper Cars by pressing use nearby them.
  • XX new quests and XX after outbreak only quests.
  • There are 32 trophies hidden on the map. Collecting them unlocks new mutators, such as the Fireman Goat, Prototype Goat or the Goat Goat. Collecting all also unlocks the Hoarder Achievement.
  • Secrets and fun everywhere :)


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  • The DLC is based on zombie survival games, the title is a reference to Dayz, the game has a shoehorned crafting system, the hunger mechanics, and so on.
  • Sometimes alive NPCs will shout things at you, these are references to either zombie/horror media or just general pop culture,
* "Eat my shorts!" is a reference to The Simpsons.
* "You got red on you" is a reference to Shawn of The Dead.  
* "You've got the Body I've got the Brains!" is a reference to A Nightmare On Elm Street 2.
* "I see dead goats" is a reference to The Sixth Sense.
* "Who let the goats out? who?" is a reference to the song "Who Let The Dogs Out" by Baha Men.
* "Have you heard the story about my uncle? he was a goat!" references Coffee Stain's game "Story About My Uncle". 
* "I heard about that goat Z on the internet!" and "Now thats a goat Z!" are references to the shock site the name of the DLC was based on.



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