Goat Simulator - High School Update 1.4.12

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The Goat Simulator Mobile High School Update is an update that adds a new map called Buck To School. The main location is GoatVille High. The update also refurbishes all 4 games' menus and NPCs.

It includes 5 new mutators:

  • Artsy Goat: a mutator that allows you to jump widely
  • Cheer Goat: a mutator that throws pompoms at people, making them do a cheerleader dance
  • Hex Goat: a mutator that allows you to make people different things including sheep and mermaids from Goat MMO Simulator
  • Prom Goat: a mutator that allows you to make people your "prom knight"
  • Stoned Goat: a mutator that literally makes you a stone boulder that can roll around

In GoatVille and Goat City Bay there are buses scattered throughout the map

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