Goat Ville, referred to when opening custom games like the Classic Map, is a configuration of Goat Simulator. It is a village located between the wider municipalities of Him Len and Helvete. As the goats seem to have a strong connection to the community's heritage, they can be seen in structures like Goathenge and Goat Castle. Residents also organize blood cable sports involved, such as cockfights and a local video game studio, which can be seen developing a video game about a goat, a metahumorous joke on the Goat Simulator itself. In the depths of the hill, there is also a brilliant pentagram engraved on the earth, no center of which is inscribed or a goat's skull. It is shown that the goats are domestic for a family, although it is possible that the goats do not look like fighting bells, it is first kept here in the house's corral animal. This is a pen where the goat holder starts his turmoil. In addition, Cabras: The Awakening is a popular book found in the homes of Cabra Ville.


Residents of Goat Ville have several methods of recreation. These range from hosting barbecue parties and goatfight matches to simply enjoying a walk or jog around the area. One resident, J.Sjoo, particularly enjoys showing off his driving skills in the town's open field. There is also a stage set up near the Helvete exit where a protest rally is held. Another area of interest is the community swimming pool, which contains an enormous water slide. During the events of Goat Simulator, the swimming pool area has been drained of water however.soon marvel team then blow up goat ville wich was thanos baby goat born here.


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