Goat BayEdit

SHARGo'at' Bay is a city. It is the second playable map in Goat Simulator, the first being Goat Ville.



    1. Hotel
    2. Garage
  1. Locations
    1. Carnival
    2. Graveyard
    3. Residential area
    4. Playground

Buildings Edit

Hotel Edit

The tallest building in the city is the hotel. The first floor of the hotel is the lobby, consisting of a check in desk were Line is working, plenty of seating, a small balcony area, and two elevators. Only one elevator works, and entering it results in the player being transported straight to the roof. On the roof there is a big dance party, (smaller in the mobile version) and a DJ wearing a mouse head, a reference to deadma5. Licking the DJ will unlock the Deadgoa7 mutation. A small bar is located nearby.

Garage EditEdit

A open garage can be found in the city, containing broken a alien revival machine. Dragging the alien from the UFO crash (assuming the player has fixed the machine) into the revival machine will unlock Space Goat.

Locations Edit

Carnival Edit

Main article: CarnivalEdit

The biggest location in the map is the carnival. It has a roller coaster, mechanical bull, a spinner ride, and two tents selling refreshments.

Residential area Edit

A small residential area is found up on a hill in the city, containing several houses, one of which has a pool.

Playground Edit

Closest to the entry tunnel is a small playground, which has a merry-go-round. Licking the merry-go-round will result in the goat being tumbled around.Edit