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Achievement Hat Simulator.jpg Buy all hats

Hat Simulator is a Steam achievement.

Hats are purchased at Weathers for money. You must lick a money object, bring it to the person behind the desk in Weathers, then select one of the six hats from in front of the store window. All six hats must be purchased in one playthrough.

Six money objects are needed to complete the achievement. Here are the locations closest to Weathers.

  • One money is on the counter in the Convenience Store.
  • Four moneys are on tables in front of the Capra Restaurant & Bar.
  • One money is on the table with the computer behind the desk at the Put-In Hotel lobby. Up the stairs, on the green bench at the far end are two more.
  • One money is on the counter in the Casino.
  • Two moneys are in the sugar house.

One is found near the roller coaster start When inside Weathers, make sure not to knock a hat off its stand, or you will be unable to purchase it and must restart the map.

The six hats available for purchase.
Money in the convenience store.
Money at Capra Restaurant & Bar.
Money on the hotel first floor.
Money on the hotel second floor.
Money in the casino.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • You can find a seventh hat by some dumpsters next to the Capra Restaurant & Bar, and the same one on a pedestal in Gallery Doe. However, it is not needed for the achievement.
  • The seventh hat is a giant golden crown.
  • "Hat Simulator" may be referring to a colloquial joke name for Team Fortress 2, which contains hundreds of in-game hats.