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Headbutting is the goat's main attack. It is used in every game, for every mutator. Pressing the backwards walking control and headbutting makes you kick with your back legs.

However, some characters do not possess the ability to headbutt. Here is a list of goats that cannot headbutt:


Headbutting is very useful. If there are enemies, you can headbutt them. But it only makes them ragdoll for a minute. Then they get up and start attacking again. So it just buys you some time. You can headbutt anything. Headbutting humans a lot can make them ragdoll forever, which means you killed them. Or do it just for comedy purposes.

If there are multiple enemies attacking, it may be hard to headbutt all of them at once.


  • Usually enemies start attacking again after they get headbutted, but G-2 has this disabled.
  • Headbutting cannot be done in ragdoll mode.
  • Headbutting cannot be done while falling, ragdolling, or using rocket skates.
  • The Magical Headbutt mutator turns people into a random object when it headbutts.
  • Helicopterkin can't headbutt except on the Payday map.