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Him Len is a city in the video game Goat Simulator. It is found on the other end of a tunnel outside Goat Ville, with a sign hanging over the tunnel indicating its distance as 5 kilometers away. It is a capital of Goat Isle. Considering developer Coffee Stain Studios AB's Swedish heritage, the city Goat City Bay was renamed Him Len, the Swedish word for heaven. Unlike Helvete, the city found on the opposite side of Goat Ville, Goat City Bay can actually be seen over the hills despite being allegedly further away geographically.[1] This may imply that Helvete is within the hills, an allusion to Hell being below the Earth, whereas Goat City Bay towers above Goat Ville and is viewed as an idiom for "the light at the end of the tunnel." This could also imply Goat Ville, located between heaven and hell, is actually a Purgatory where Pilgor is invincible and not bound to the physics of reality.


  1. According to road signs at each end of Goat Ville, Him Len is 5 kilometers away in one direction while Helvete is 3 kilometers away in the other. Ironically, Him Len can be seen in abundance while Helvete, geographically closer, never seems to peek out from the infinite hillside.
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