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How to complete the "I Am Bread" achievement:[]

Go to the party in GoatVille. Next to the tent there is a toaster. When you headbutt the toaster, pieces of bread will appear in various areas of GoatVille.

  • One piece is on top of the tent. Lick it, and bring it to the toaster. It will automatically go in the toaster.
  • Another piece is down the left side of the sidewalk. Lick it, and bring it to the toaster like before.
  • A third piece can be found on the slide, or in the swimming pool area. Then, jump on the toaster, and it will toast the bread and pop them out. Then you will become a slice of bread.
  • A fourth piece can be found nearby the Gas Station.
  • A fifth piece can be found around the Pentagram.
  • A sixth piece can be found on the Crane.
  • A seventh piece can be found in the Fields.
  • An eight piece can be found at the Goathenge.
  • A ninth piece can be found inside the Starter House.
  • A tenth piece can be found on the second floor of Coffee Stain Studios.
  • An eleventh can be found to the right of the entrance between the cargo containers at the Low Gravity Testing Facility.
  • A twelfth can be found inside the low gravity room.