Is that a goat?

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Achievement Is that a goat.jpg Lick the rollercoaster with 6 batteries attached

Is That A Goat? is a Steam achievement.

First you must find all six car batteries in Goat City Bay and bring them to the generator or underneath the roller coaster in Cabrito Park. Their locations are:

  1. On the dock right next to the roller coaster, heading towards the shore.
  2. Across the street from the Skyscraper, in the Alley, in a red (blue on Xbox & Playstation) shipping container.
  3. On the roof of the central building block (above the Alley), on the corner closest to the dam. It's behind some barrels and fireworks.
  4. In the Casino, behind the counter.
  5. At the Concert on the Skyscraper roof, behind Deadmau5's stage.
  6. On top of the Miram Core building, next to the water tower.

Install each battery by dragging them into a slot in the generator. Once all six are installed, ride the elevator to the right to reach the roller coaster boarding platform. Lick the roller coaster car as it passes by.

The battery in Cabrito Park.
The battery in the alley (PlayStation and PC).
The battery on the roof.
The battery in the casino.
The battery behind the concert.
The battery on the Miram Core building.
The power generator.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you get hit by the spinner, it will make you go FLYING!
  • This achievement is a reference to the phrase, "Is that a bird? Is that a plane? It's Superman!".