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“Grab stuff by licking then press Special to make bombs!”

The Italian Dinosaur Goat is a mutator. It does not change the goat's appearance in any way.

Unlock Requirement


Italian Dinosaur Goat having just produced a watermelon bomb.

Pressing Special while licking an object causes the object to disappear and a watermelon to appear behind the goat. The watermelon explodes after a few seconds.


  • This mutation is most likely a reference to the video game character Yoshi from the Super Mario franchise, who is able to eat enemies and turn them into eggs.
  • If you lick another player and use the mutation's ability, the player that was licked will become invisible and not be able to interact with anything for a short time before they automatically respawn. Eating another player, however, will not affect the process of dropping an exploding watermelon from doing so.
  • This mutation is possibly a reference from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically part 4's Antagonists ability to transform anything into an explosive by touch. The antagonists final appearance in the series includes a haircut resembling a watermelon which might also be intentional.
    • It turning things into fruit instead of eggs may be another reference to part 5's protagonist being able to transmute objects into living things, namely fruit.



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