Bonuses are awarded in the video game Goat Simulator for smashing objects or meeting other criteria. This is an incomplete list of the base points given for each bonus in the game. Some objects can award more points each time a headbutted object bounces or ricochets, however this list contains only the points given for the initial move.


Name Points Given Description
A Goat Among Legends 750 Step inside Coffee Stain Studios.
Daily Routine! 1800 Step inside the outhouse near the goatfighting ring.
Demolition Derby! 200 Destroy a moving vehicle by pushing a large object onto the road.
Do No Harm 750 Do not harm anything for five minutes.
EPIC!!!111ONEONE 1337 Launch off the treadmill and without hitting the ground, hit the trampoline.
Flap 500 Get hit by the spinning blades on top of the Low Gravity Testing Facility.
Fuck the Police! / Breaking and Entering! 150 Jump through the hole in the fence outside the Low Gravity Testing Facility.
Goats > Skaters 250 Go through the hoop at the Ragdoll Skate, in the Low Gravity Testing Facility.
Goats for the Goat Throne 1000 Jump onto the Goat Throne at Goat Castle.
Hit by Car 50 Get run over by the blue car.
Hit by Truck 50 Get run over by the truck.
It's a Trap! 300 Return the second Be(a)con to the crop circles and allow the flying saucer to abduct and drop Pilgor into outer space.
Jetpack!! 1000 Equip the jetpack.
Like Baggio 75 Get the basketball behind the goal near the Low Gravity Testing Facility
Like Zlatan 40 Get the basketball into the goal near the Low Gravity Testing Facility.
Michael Bay!/Michal Bay! Kaboom!!/Bayhem! 900 Destroy the gas station.
Owned by Hillbilly


Get hit by the orange car in the field.
Party Crasher! 400 Ruin the humans' party.
Power Pitcher! 750 Retrieve the pitching machine from the batting cage.
Reach For the Stars! 275 Fly higher than the telephone wires.
Space Goat! 1000 Enter the Low Gravity Testing Facility's air ducts.
Super Secret Tunnel 100 Walk through the ring in the goat playground.
The Wonder of Science! 250 Drop into the antigravity pit on the plateau above the drifting car.
Treadmilling 500 Run into the treadmill in the house nearest to the goat playground.
Weee!!! Fireworks!! 125 Headbutt a firework rocket.


Name Points Given*
Arcade Machine 50
Axe 30
B(e)acon 30
Barrel 30
Basketball 50
Bicycle 40
Book 30
Bottle 100
Box 40
Broom 50
Bucket 75
Bulletin Board 50
Car 75
Chips 40
Chocolate 50
Cleaning Agent 50
Coffee Machine 40
Computer 25
Container Door 50
Desk 50
Dumpster 100
Fence 90
Fire Extinguisher 50
Folder 50
G-2 75
Garbage Bin 75
GasStationRoof 500
Hammer 50
Human 50
Ice Cream Box 80
Jerrycan 50
Keyboard 30
Ladder 50
Letter Box 100
Melon 100
Metal Bar 40
Monitor 50
Pallet 30
Paper 30
Pick Axe 68
Potion 40
Road Sign 50
Saucepan 100
Screwdriver 50
Shelf 75
Stereo 40
Stubbe 50
Tank 50
Trash Can 50
Truck 25
Tube 25
Wheelbarrow 30
Wooden Box 50
Wrench 25

*Headbutting an item will often award 100%

the normal amount of points.

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