The Low Gravity Testing Facility is a large grey building bearing the name Low Gravity Testing Facility.

Inside is an area labeled Ragdoll Skate, a hatchback, a set of stairs leading to a control room where Line works, and a chamber, where the actual "low gravity" takes place.

To enter, the player must jump over the fence outside the facility, and headbutt any rusty pieces of wall.

Areas Edit

Ragdoll Skate Edit

This area consists of two blue slopes. toggling ragdoll mode while at the top of one will cause the payer to "skate". next to the slopes are two diamond shapes made out of cardboard boxes. Headbutting these boxes will cause them to topple over.

Control Room Edit

This area consists of multiple control panels, a few office chairs, and windows allowing view to the low gravity chamber. Line works in the control room. Headbutting the glass windows will cause them to break, floating into the chamber and eventually hovering to the floor.

Low Gravity Chamber Edit

This area consists of multiple mattresses put on the floor and walls. a small entrance in provided to enter/exit through the stairway, and multiple items are found on a special part of the floor. If the player toggles ragdoll mode, they will never get out of it until they float through the exit.