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Mermaid Goat
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This article is about the Mutator, for the achievement, see Mermaid Goat (Achievement).


The Mermaid Goat is a mutator that turns the goat into a fish with legs. The Mermaid Goat's attacks reach further and have a larger area of effect when compared to the default goat.

Unlock Requirement

Complete the Mermaid Goat achievement.


No special abilities.


  • Mermaids are an enemy on Glarblargle Beach in Goat MMO Simulator.
  • Mermaids are NPCs on a rock in Goat Simulator Payday.
  • Fiskeplaske is the name of a boss enemy in Sanctum 2, another game by Coffee Stain Studios.
  • Logo Mobile.svg In the mobile version, it's eyes are different.
  • Logo Console.png In console versions, the Mermaid Goat is named Fiskeplaske
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