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Michael Bay Turdles
Goat City Bay
Moveable by player
Licking causes ragdoll

The Michael Bay Turdles are NPC's found in Goat City Bay and are antagonists in Goat Simulator.


The Michael Bay Turdles are found in the Sewer of Goat City Bay, and if approached properly, can be observed to dance in-sync to music. When provoked (walking towards them) they will wave their fists and begin to attack while screaming and saying things like "GOAT!!!", "COME HERE YOU!", "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!", "I HATE GOATS!". Attacking them unlocks the achievement Ling Ling into battle go. They also seem to be guarding a trophy.


Logo Mobile.svgLogo PC.png In the PC and Mobile versions of Goat Simulator, the Michael Bay Turdles appear as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo), except, in order to make fun of the character's portrayal in the 2014 movie, their heads are that of Shrek.

Logo Console.png On the console versions, their appearances are changed to people in green suits wearing colored bandanas. They have the same dialogue and behavior, just a less-monstrous appearance. This is likely done due to copyright issues.


  • Logo Console.png In the console versions the Michael Bay Turdles noticeably yell a lot more. If they're encountered a second time, they won't attack you, but will still scream. They'll remain limp when defeated.
  • In-game they are referred to as "Turdle" individually.
  • If you use Deadgoa7, they will keep dancing.
  • If you put them in the Inventory using the respective mutator and send them out of their sewer, they'll stop attacking you.