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Minigames are small arcade games hidden within the world of Goat Simulator.


Minigames are played by finding certain TVs on the map and approaching them. They can be found in:

Of the two TV screens, the one in Coffee Stain Studios is noticeably squashed vertically, creating rectangular blocks in Steamworld Goat, while the Residential Area screen renders them as squares due to having an unusually square screen.


The active game can be changed by pressing Backspace, navigating the list with the arrow keys, and selecting a game with Special. There are seven games available, though the first variant of Jackpot is pointless.

Note that using Slow Motion does NOT affect minigames. However, creating lots of lag (such as by using Goat Queen to spawn a bunch of goats) can cause the games to glitch.

Game scores are tracked on the Steam leaderboards.

All minigames can be played by pressing special and the arrow keys. ↑↓←→,.