Goat Simulator Wiki

Style Guide


  1. Mutator files should show the mutator in the map they are unlocked in.
  2. Mutator files should have the mutator's name.


  1. The first instance of the page name should be marked in '''bold''' like this.
  2. The section often called "Notes/Trivia" or "Notes" should be named "Trivia".
  3. Features exclusive to version should be marked with the correct icon.
    1. Logo Mobile.svg{{Mobile}}
    2. Logo PC.png{{PC}}
    3. Logo Console.png{{Console}}
    4. Logo Switch.png{Switch}}
    5. Logo Old-Gen Console.png{{Old-Gen}}
  4. Features should also be sorted in alphabetical order.
    1. Logo Console.pngLogo PC.png Feature 1
    2. Logo Mobile.svg Feature 2
  5. Large and excess images should be placed in the gallery section.
  6. The "Navigation" tab should always be located at the bottom of the page.
  7. Names of pages should always be capitalized unless there is a specific reason.
    1. This also applies to features in the game (e.g: Wooden Crate would be capitalized because it is a thing found in-game).
  8. {{DISPLAYTITLE:Page name}} should always be used if the page has parentheses.
    1. Pages like the Construction Site in GoatVille and Construction Site in GoatZ use this to remove the extra parentheses in their name.
  9. Mutators exclusive to version should use the {{Exclusive [Version name]}} format.
    1. {{Exclusive Mobile}} for Mobile.
    2. {{Exclusive PC}} for PC.
    3. {{Exclusive Console}} for Console.
    4. {{Exclusive Switch}} for Nintendo Switch.