Goat Simulator Wiki

In order to keep this wiki looking clean, there are a few basic rules you will need to follow.

Main Rules

  1. Don't post content that is against ToS.
  2. Spam/Advertising/Vandalism is not allowed. This includes posting off-topic, repetitive, offensive, libelous, or advertising content.
  3. Harassment, insults and ad hominem is not allowed on the wiki. Please keep all discussion pages as civil as possible. Be respectful.
  4. Link to homepages, try to avoid linking directly to files and file-sharing sites--homepages are generally more secure than a Megashare link.
  5. Try to make sure your pages have content.
  6. Content should cover the game as it appears and behaves without modifications.
    1. This does not affect pages in the Mod: namespace.
  7. Sign your posts on talk pages with ~~~~. If you see a comment without a signature, look into the page's history to find the username and date of the person who made the comment, then substitute {{Unsigned}} using {{unsigned|Username|Date}} and remind them to sign next time using {{Please sign}}.
  8. Make sure your pages & files are not duplicates.
  9. Try to make sure files have names which can easily be remembered and searched.
  10. Screenshots which appear at the top of a mutator page should be taken at the start of GoatVille facing the fields for easy visibility. (E.g. this file) Images which do not appear at the top of said pages are not required to follow this rule.