This is the complete list of "packages" that includes the following that are found in GoatVille

  • Objects
  • Characters
  • Goats
  • Maps Try to add things here.

The list was based on "Goat Simulator\GoatGame\CookedMy\Packages"

Package List

The [---] sign notes that the package is unknown, the entries with ? are guesses only.

File Name In-game Type of Package
AArch.upk --- ---
Apex.upk --- ---
ApexArchetypes.upk --- ---
Base_Materials.upk --- ---
Bathroom.upk Bathroom Location
BattleRing.upk Battle Ring Location
BeachBall.upk Beachball Object
Beacon.upk B[e]acon Object
Bedroom.upk Bedroom Location
Boulder.upk Boulder of Death Achievement, Object
Buildings.upk Buildings Location
Cement_Mixer.upk Cement Mixer Object
CH_G2.upk the robot in the shipping container Character
CH_HeadBobber.upk --- ---
Characters.upk Characters (Humans) Character
CityProps.upk Stop Sign, Street Lamps Object
ColorLookup.upk --- ---
ConstuctionCrane.upk The Crane Location
Container.upk the shipping contaner?? Object
Decals.upk --- ---
Dining.upk Dining Room Location
DivingTower.upk Diving Board Location
Explorer.upk --- ---
FeatherGoat.upk Feather Goat Mutators, Character
Fireworks.upk Fireworks Perk
Flat_Materials.upk --- ---
Foliage.upk grass and trees ---
Food.upk --- ---
FuelContainer.upk Jerrycan Object
GameInAGame.upk Flappy Goat Object
Garage.upk Garage Location
GasStation.upk Gas Station Location
Goat.upk Goat Mutators, Character
Goat_Effects.upk --- ---
Goat_Environment_01.upk --- ---
Goat_Props_01.upk --- ---
Goat_Props_02.upk --- ---
Goat_Sound_Ambience_01.upk --- ---
Goat_Sound_NPC.upk --- ---
Goat_Sound_UI.upk --- ---
Goat_Sounds.upk --- ---
Goat_Sounds_Impact.upk --- ---
GoatThrone.upk --- ---
GreenHouse.upk Greenhouse Location
Hangar_01.upk --- ---
Hanglider.upk Hanglider Character
Harvester.upk Harvester Location
House_01.upk House Location
JetPack.upk Jetpack Perk
Kitchen_01.upk Kitchen Location
Living_Room_01.upk Living Room Location
Office_Set_01.upk Office 1 Location
Office_Set_02.upk Office 2 Location
Physical_Materials.upk --- ---
Playground.upk Playground Location
PowerLines.upk Power Lines Location
Props_01.upk --- ---
Ritual.upk --- ---
Roads_01.upk Roads Location
Royal_Hall_01.upk goat queen hall Location
SanctumStuff.upk Walker Statues??? Object
SpaceBox.upk Anti-Gravity Room Location
Stonehenge.upk Goathenge Location
Storage.upk --- ---
TallGoat.upk Mutators Mutators, Character
Tools.upk Axe, Hammer Object
Treadmill.upk Treadmill Location
Trees_Leaf.upk Leaves of the trees Location
UFO.upk the ufo object
UI_FrontEnd.upk --- ---
UI_Icons.upk --- ---
UI_InGame.upk --- ---
UI_Legal.upk --- ---
UI_Loading.upk the loading splash screen??? Image
UI_Popup.upk --- ---
UI_Splash.upk the loading splash screen??? Image
Veichles.upk Cars, Trucks Object
Whale.upk The Whale Mutators, Character
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