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Pilgor is the protagonist of the infamous Goat Simulator who is playable in every map. She can be modded with mutators to modify her appearance and ability. Not much is known about Pilgor except she likes to cause rampage across the Goat Simulator universe. Pilgor's name is a reference to Kenny Hotz's one-time goat in the television series Kenny vs. Spenny. Although the name is not listed in any the game's texts, Coffee Stain Studios AB's Armin Ibrisagic approached Hotz on Twitter to receive his blessing in using the name.[1] Hotz is given special thanks in the game's credits for his cooperation.

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Events in Goat Ville Edit

Pilgor's early life is unknown however she is presumed to be the owner of Jolle, Line and Molle. She was probably raised during her youth till she started her rampage on her owner's property, before causing mass panic across Goat Ville.

Events in Goat City Bay Edit

She is first at the main tunnel of Goat City Bay before starting her rampage again. Pilgor finds herself a whole heap to destroy and causes havoc of the entire city, and starts mass panic once again.

Events in Goat MMO Simulator Edit

Pilgor awakens in the main spawn point determinate as a class of one of the main classes. She becomes more experienced and fights many sheep. While also fighting other goats, she then fights the almighty old goat.

Events in Goatz Edit

Pilgor reanimates into a highly infectious corpse and awakens inside a coffin, she then begins to rampage across the rural area and turns the human population into mindless zombie beings. A few hours later a former neighbour hood builds two walls at the entrances to prevent hostile zombies. Two survivors named Oliver and his companion Philip guard their gates and lock up zombies in cages, including Pilgor. Pilgor as a zombie escapes and infects three survivors causing panic, and the safe zone eventually becomes overun and with Coffee Stain Studios becoming lost during the attack. The two guards Oliver and Philip become infected and Pilgor escapes. On day 2 Pilgor meets a new zombie called a Spitter and infected goats, within the next days she finds more new infected.

Events in Goat Simulator Payday Edit

Pilgor is captured and locked up in a vault before being rescued by four thugs, where she once again becomes a playable character again to perform pranks for money to buy masks, or the infamous slap.

Events in Goat Simulator Waste Of Space Edit

Pilgor was flying around in her space ship and then crashed on a space station

Its possible that this is the last we seen of Pilgor because the player can make Pilgor destroy earth

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  • Pilgor's name is mentioned in the Payday DLC trailer.
  • She is the main protagonist.
    • However she is not in the Payday DLC if she isn't rescued at the Casino.
  • Her name was inspired by Kenny vs. Spenny.

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