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Ripped Goat

“You are a true fighter!”

The Ripped Goat is a mutator that makes the goat muscular with patches of fur missing.

Unlock Requirement[]

Complete the Alexander Goatstafsson achievement.

Logo Mobile.svg In the mobile version, the Ripped Goat is unlocked by collecting 10 GoatVille trophies.


Ripped Goat is much stronger than other goats and can headbutt objects long distances.


  • Ripped Goat was originally two separate goats when it was added in late alpha, were all abilities and model is the same but the only difference is that it was known as "Strong Goat" and it has the normal goat skin texture and the other half is different, the other half had a few things that were the same which was the name "Ripped Goat" and it has the skin texture for the ripped goat as well, the only difference on the other half was that it had the normal goat model and has the same exact abilities as the normal goat as well, then in the last alpha update made for goat simulator the two goats were morphed into one goat with the strong goat abilities and model and the other one with the ripped goat name and the skin texture. The former still exists in the pc version.
  • When it was originally two mutators it had two different achievements, were to get the strong goat, you had to headbutt 100 NPCs.



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