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“The Rouge is a stealthy and dextrous class, able to apply make-up unseen and wherever needed.
Always being one step ahead of danger, Rouges can gain the advantage over their enemy by being adept at a variety of skills, such as applying foundation, stealthily putting on mascara without being seen, using eyeliner in a precise fashion at just the right place, and finishing it off with a rich lipstick.
The Rouge's two abilities are Stealth and Stunlock.”

The Rouge is a mutator that dresses the goat in leather armor.

Unlock Requirement[]

Was added in the Goat MMO Simulator update on November 20, 2014, afterwards is available from the start.


A master Rouge hides in the shadows of broad daylight.

A Rouge stuns his target before dragging him away to apply garish makeup.

  • Stealth: The Rouge turns transparent and shadowy. NPCs will not notice the goat while it is stealthed, but bumping into an object turns stealth off.
  • Stunlock: Performs a headbutt that stuns the target, freezing them in place temporarily and making them fall over.


  • "Rouge" is a common misspelling of "rogue", a common RPG class. It is also a cosmetic, otherwise known as blush.
  • Rouge is French for red.
  • Rogues in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft are infamous for their ability go invisible using their Stealth ability, and to chain-stun enemy players, tearing them to pieces before they can ever retaliate. This may be the source of both the "Stealth" and the "Stunlock" abilities.
  • The Rouge can unlock new pieces of armor by leveling up



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