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Slender Goat is an NPC in the graveyard in Goat City Bay. Despite its strange appearance, Slender Goat will not attack you. However, in Pocket Edition, it will run toward you, slamming its upper half on the ground (in an attempt to kill you) making a muffled roar with crunching sounds. Its head tends to get caught in a tree. There is a statue near it (by the tree) in the graveyard. If you baa at it (pressing 1) it will run after you but will not be able to hurt you. If you get out of the graveyard it will stop following you. A way to beat him is to headbutt him a few times, making him dissapear.


Slender Goat is a normal goat with the Ripped Goat and Space Goat mutators applied.(note that you cannot apply this to yourself or you will just be a normal ripped goat.)

  • The name is a fan name based on the Slender Man creepypasta.
  • You can lick it and drag it around, but it will disappear (like Slender Man himself) if you take it outside of the graveyard.(sometimes he will not disappear in the Xbox one edition.)
  • Players can use the Inventory Mutator to capture the Slender Goat and take it outside the graveyard. It will act oddly, but not vanish.