Slendergoat is a character in Goat Simulator.


The Slendergoat resides in the Graveyard, in Goat City Bay. Slendergoat is very dangerous to people who invade his Graveyard.

Enemies: Pilgor , Tall Goat, Feather Goat, Classy Goat, G2, Cow, Cats, dogs, The Animal Mafia, Humans And Geten

Status: Deceased, killed by Old Goat


The Slendergoat eats people, dogs, cats, flamingos, parrots, and even cattle.

The Slendergoat will occasionally eat goats.

He killed flamingos who invade, too!


The player has to headbutt the slendergoat three times at once.


Slendergoat is a parody of Slenderman.

He had just killed flamingos who previously lived with Valentino Salami


Slendergoat appears as a tall, skinny goat, about 4 feet tall, who sways side to side in a very creepy way. If you enter his graveyard in the mobile version of the game, he lunges at you and tries to kill you. He appears to be a dull brownish-gray in color. In the mobile version, he will disappear if Slendergoat was outside of his graveyard.

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