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Stek is a character in the video game Goat Simulator. He can be found in several areas of the town, sporting a shirt with black and purple stripes. He is not in the mobile game. In the Xbox version he wears a shirt with black and red stripes.

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Not much is known about Stek expect he protested about sausage shaped food and loved watching goat fights.


The following is a list of locations where Stek can be found in the Classic Map.

  • Among the crowd at the goatfighting ring.
  • Joining protestors at a rally near the Helvete tunnel.
  • Speaking with Line on the roof of the building under construction.
  • Standing alone at the community swimming pool.
  • In Alvesta, to the side of the ramo between the tallest hut and a lower one. He is in the back past a stop sign where there is an opening, and past a room of servers.

Trivia Edit

  • He is does not appear in the mobile version
    • He is found talking to Line.
    • Stek translated to English is "Steak".

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