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Distinguish Icon.pngThis article is about the mutator, for the item, see Tank (Item).


“Do you like spikes? Do you think big and stronk is good? Do you subscribe to the Nietzschean moral philosophy of transvaluation of values and the Ubermensch?
Then the Tank class is for you!
Fix problems by punching them
Welcome to the Tank team
The Tank's two abilities are Butt-Slam and Charge.”

The Tank is a big mutator that dresses the ripped goat in armor covered with spikes. Tank's headbutt is stronger than any other goats.

Unlock Requirement[]

Was added in the Goat MMO Simulator update on November 20, 2014, afterwards is available from the start.


The Tank throws his weight around.

Leeroy Goatkins.

  • Butt-Slam: The Tank jumps straight up and then slams down, creating a shockwave that hits nearby objects.
  • Charge: The Tank charges forward, knocking aside any objects in its path.


  • In MMO terms, a tank is a heavily-armored class designed to draw the attention of the enemy.
  • If ExcaliGoat is placed below the Tank in the mutator menu, you won't experience recoil from it's ability. Instead, you will charge forward the way the Tank's ability does.
  • Butt-Slam will immediately remove you from ragdoll regardless of the circumstances. You can use this to walk on the floor beneath water, or allow movement when ragdolled and frozen using Wheel Goat.
  • When combined with Valentino Salami, the Tank can reach incredibly high speeds by charging while flying.



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