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Distinguish Icon.pngThis article is about the location, for the Quest, see Test Chambers (Quest).

Experiment with cows! Drag your "weighted companion goat" (the cow) to the buttons in each room. Each room has different content.


The types of objects you can encounter in the rooms include:
Room 1: Drag cow to button
Room 2: Drag red buttons to their respective places
Room 3: Launch a refrigerator using a cow
Room 4: Use a tether device to drag cow to button
Room 5: Avoid the lasers with the cow, then go to exit. Some of the lasers might be solid.
Room 6: Dodge the turrets, then drag cow to button
Room 7: Walk around the room until the walls are covered with cow paintings, then turn back and find opening in the wall
Room 8: Dodge everything using cow, then drop cow down slide. If you drop yourself down the slide, you get the Milky Way Goat mutator.

After your work is done (and you go up the lift you can find in the Carrier), you get a huge dinner of Cow Burgers! Then you get shot into space and get stranded outside of the map boundaries.