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All GoatVille trophy locations

This article is about the collectible. For the quest, please see Trophies (Quest).

Trophies are small golden statues that are hidden around the map. There are 30 trophies each in GoatVille and Goat City Bay, and 20 in Goat MMO Simulator. Collecting all the trophies in each area will unlock the achievements Try Hard, I freaking love goats, and Love or Hate?, respectively, as well as the quests Trophies and Collect All the Trophies. New Mutators will also be earned.

Every trophy can be obtained without any mutators. However, those wishing to make their lives a bit easier may wish to equip the Angel Goat and/or Double Jump mutators for enhanced jumping. Those who want to make things even easier should consider the Builder Goat or Anti-Gravity Goat mutators. In the end it is up to you how much help you want to give yourself.

DLC maps such as Waste of Space and GoatZ have their own trophies and trophy-related mutators.


There are minor spoilers in these lists, play the game first if you want to have the purest goat experience.

Trophy Locations in GoatVille

  1. Behind a box on the left side of the Infernal Throne room.
  2. Where the goat is standing in the tower near spawn
  3. At the Gas Station, in the Service garage.
  4. In a blue shipping container on the ground level of the Construction Site, across the road from the Gas Station.
  5. On a scaffolding platform on the roof of the Construction Site building.
  6. In the blue shipping container hanging from the Crane. To get on top of the container, use the fans on the lower roof of the Construction Site building, where the NPC is sitting on the edge. You may have to bounce multiple times to get enough height. When you drop into the container, immediately headbutt the G-2 robot to avoid getting shoved out. The Angel Goat might also help.
  7. On the very top of the Crane. To get up, go up the ladder at the bottom of the crane, then loop around to the second ladder. Walk out on top of the arm toward the Construction Site and walk up the suspension cable.
  8. On top of the Schoolhouse, under the bell. Stand on the edge of the belltower and ragdoll to fall under the bell.
  9. Behind the shed across from the Schoolhouse.
  10. On top of the diving boards at the Pool.
  11. Underneath the Water Slides.
  12. On a limb of a tree between the Party and the Pool. Jump from limb to limb to climb up.
    1. Logo Console.png On console, the trophy instead on the ground underneath the trees next to the wall of the pool
  13. In the greenhouse next to the Time Trial starting point, near the Party.
  14. Behind the Protesters stage.
  15. On the Coffee Stain Studios chimney.
  16. Inside Coffee Stain Studios, in the room with white walls on the second floor.
  17. Behind the Boulder of Death near the Party.
  18. Under the Power Tower next to the Pentagram.
  19. On top of the shed across the street from the Protesters.
  20. On the Power Lines near the road. Use the fan on the shed that the previous trophy was on.
  21. On the very top of the middle Power Tower (the one near the Goat Tower).
  22. Under the tree in the middle of the Field.
  23. To the right of the outhouse next to the Fighting Ring.
  24. Up against the fence behind the Fighting Ring.
  25. To the right of the Harvester, next to a small sedan.
  26. On the edge of the Size Changing Pit.
  27. On top of the Low Gravity Testing Facility, under one of the spinning arms.
  28. Inside the Low Gravity Testing Facility, on top of the scaffolding. Get there by climbing on top of the control room from the testing chamber.
  29. Inside the Low Gravity Testing Facility. Using the fan in the testing chamber, go up into the vent and collect the trophy as you're shot out of the building.

Here's a video for the trophies in GoatVille:

#1 : Goat Tower

#2 : Throne Room

#3 : Starter House Bedroom

#4 : Gas Station

#5 : Construction Site

#6 : Scaffolding Platform

#7 : Crane Container

#8 : Top of the Crane

#9 : Schoolhouse

#10 : Schoolhouse Shed

#11 : Pool

#12 : Water Slide

#13 : Tree Limb

#14 : Greenhouse

#15 : Protesters Stage

#16 : Coffee Stain Chimney

#17 : Inside Coffee Stain

#18 : Boulder of Doom

#19 : Pentagram

#20 : Shed Near the Road

#21 : Power Line

#22 : Power Tower

#23 : Under the Tree

#24 : Outhouse

#25 : Fighting Ring

#26 : Near the Harvester

#27 : Size Changing Pit

#28 : Low Gravity Roof

#29 : Low Gravity Scaffolding

#30 : Low Gravity Vent

Trophy Locations in Goat City Bay

Important: There are only 30 trophies in Goat City Bay. To collect a 31st trophy to complete I freaking love goats and Collect All the Trophies, you must exit and re-enter the map to make one of the trophies respawn. Which trophy needs to be collected twice seems to be completely random, but since you've already found them all it shouldn't be hard to find them again. (Not required on Console)

  1. In the catapult at the Dam.
  2. In the Sugar House.
  3. In the white house in the Residential Area with the Steamworld Goat TV, in the bedroom. The bedroom can only be accessed by the outside.
  4. In the white house in the Residential Area with the garage, in the room with yellow walls on the second floor.
  5. In the Cemetery, on a cross-shaped grave.
  6. On the left side of the yellow buildings at the bottom of the Residential Area.
  7. On the left side of the Put-In Hotel lobby.
  8. In the Casino.
  9. On the edge of the Skyscraper Balcony.
  10. At the Concert, on the corner by the tower.
  11. In the window of the Toy Store.
  12. In the Alley, in the area with homeless people and fire.
  13. Around the corner from Club Nubian, ride a fan up to the roof and look on a grating on top of a large machine next to a bunch of gas cannisters
  14. In front of the Dura billboard across from the Skyscraper.
  15. Around the corner to the right above Club Nubian, on a table on a balcony just below the roofline.
  16. On a wooden walkway on the river near the Matriarch and Club Nubian.
  17. Past the Vase Shop, at the end of the walkway going towards the Dam, almost under the bridge.
  18. In the turtle room in the Sewer.
  19. On top of the ticket booth at the entrance to Cabrito Park.
  20. On top of the spinning ride when it lowers in Cabrito Park.
  21. On a boat at the Cabrito Park dock behind the Ferris wheel.
  22. On the roller coaster boarding platform in Cabrito Park.
  23. On a rock at the edge of the water on the beach behind Cabrito Park.
  24. Inside Gallery Doe, on top of a trash can.
  25. On top of the water tower on the Miram Core roof. Use the mattress on the roof of Uncle Fred's Workshop to bounce over.
  26. On a lower roof in the same block as Miram Core, going towards the beach.
  27. In the Goat Forest, against the fence.
  28. Near the Atory City tunnel, behind a rock.
  29. On top of the Parkour Obstacle Course.
  30. Ride the boat by the Skyscraper to the Island.

#1 : Catapult

#2 : Sugar House

#3 : First White House

#4 : Second White House

#5 : Graveyard

#6 : Yellow House

#7 : Hotel Lobby

#8 : Casino

#9 : Skyscraper Balcony

#10 : Concert

#11 : Toy Store

#12 : Alley

#13 : Gas Cannisters

#14 : Dura Billboard

#15 : Balcony above Nubian

#16 : River Walkway

#17 : Under the Bridge

#18 : Turtle Room

#19 : Ticket Booth

#20 : Spinning Ride

#21 : Boat

#22 : Roller Coaster

#23 : Beach Rock

#24 : Art Gallery

#25 : Water Tower

#26 : Building Roof

#27 : Goat Forest

#28 : Behind a Rock

#29 : Parkour Obstacle Course

#30 : Island

For a video guide of all the trophies obtainable in Goat City Bay, see:

Trophy Locations in Goat MMO Simulator

  1. Snowflake Factory, enter the hedge maze and take the Wrong Path to the end.
  2. Gold Farm, upper level of the barn.
  3. Goatshire, one building south of the tavern, on a table on the first floor.
  4. Goatshire, follow the river south to a lake, on a rock on the far end. Technically it's in Bullgrurzh, but you can't access it from there.
  5. Jousting Tournament, in the tent to the right of the large blue and white one.
  6. Goatwind Wall, at the north end, in the shade of a tree.
  7. Goatwind Wall, west of Jörgen, on the butt of an elf statue.
  8. Gold Fields, next to the sheep catapults.
  9. Twistram, on an island to the east.
  10. Twistram, northernmost house, second floor.
  11. Twistram Cathedral, on the altar.
  12. Mermaid's Tail, north of the island.
  13. Alvesta, south side, behind some blue mushrooms.
  14. Alvesta, north side, behind a tree root.
  15. Alvesta, in the highest hut.
  16. Mermaid's Tail, in the stone tower.
  17. Glarblargle Beach, in a Mermaid hut north of Queen Blarg.
  18. Glarblargle Beach, on an island west of Queen Blarg.
  19. Old Goat Mountain, on the west cliff.
  20. Old Goat Mountain, go through the dungeon to Old Goat's room. Climb up on the west wall to a secret ledge leading north. The trophy is in the room at the end on the toilet. NOTE: Many mutators are too large to fit through the opening at the end of the ledge. If you can't fit, try something smaller.

#1 : Hedge Maze

#2 : Gold Farm Barn

#3 : Goatshire

#4 : Rock on Lake

#5 : Jousting Tournament Tent

#6 : Goatwind Wall

#7 : On Elf Statue

#8 : Sheep Catapults

#9 : Twistram Island

#10 : Twistram House

#11 : Twistram Cathedral

#12 : Mermaid's Tail

#13 : Alvesta South Side

#14 : Alvesta North Side

#15 : Alvesta Hut

#16 : In the Stone Tower

#17 : Glarblargle Beach Hut

#18 : Glarblargle Beach Island

#19 : Old Goat Mountain Cliff

#20 : Old Goat's Toilet

Here's a video for the trophies in MMO:

Trophy Locations in GoatZ

  1. Inside the barn, behind the mall.
  2. In front of the UFO in the field behind the barn.
  3. Behind the RV - take the path to the left of the cemetery path, it's a narrow path in a rock structure.
  4. In an outermost hut - Go through the giant hole next to the barn and then make your way up the cliff.
  5. In the men's bathroom in the mall.
  6. On the roof of the mall, in a corner, behind two oil drums.
  7. In the Graveyard to the right of the entrance, then take another right, it'll be in a corner.
  8. On one of the rotating obstacles in the Whiplash course.
  9. In the Green Screen Studios area, to the left of Stage 2 (looking at it from the entrance), on top of a stack of shipping containers (arranged top to bottom: red blue red with two fireworks on the top).
  10. In the cage above the skating ramp behind Stage 1 in the Green Screen Studios area. Double jump or slide into it using the ramp
  11. On a small island behind the skating ramp area wall.
  12. On the top of the lightning rod on the roof of the Golden Tower.
  13. In a cave behind the circus, towards where the outside cannon is pointing.
  14. On top of the right Whiplash sign.
  15. On the top left side extension of the large, metal electric tower (as you are facing the ladder on it) overlooking the fairgrounds area. (Can climb up and maneuver onto it, or use Antigravity Goat mutator)
  16. Near the blue "P" sign on top of the rocks to the left of the tunnel to "Helvete", which is next to the fairgrounds area.
  17. In Stage 2 in the GreenScreen Studios area, on the ledge above the mirrors for the actors.
  18. Go through the path to the right of the cemetery (where you'd spawn for regular mode) follow the path up to the bridge, then drop below it onto some planks next to a waterfall.
  19. On the roof of the church in the cemetery.
  20. On top of the beam that's above the giant hole next to the barn (be extremely careful).
  21. Inside the billboard near the barn.
  22. On the back of the hotel building, you can drop down each level, starting at the roof in the spaces between platforms or use the Antigravity Goat mutator for this one).
  23. In the fairgrounds area behind the largest tent, in a box. It will be guarded by 4 NPCs.
  24. On the front of the Golden Tower, use the same strategy that you used for 22.
  25. On the back of the Green + building, near the Golden Tower, it will be on a ledge near an NPC.
  26. On a ledge behind the left Whiplash Sign.
  27. To the left of the mall, there are rocks and a stream of water, look for the opening in the rocks, and go inside.
  28. In the back of the goat farm hut near the barn.
  29. Go through the path to the right of the cemetery (coffin where you spawn for the regular mode) and follow that path past the first bridge to the second bridge/ramp, and go under this one like you did before.
  30. Inside of the metal shack next to the Golden Tower, headbutt the shack.
  31. At the mall, in the Supermarket store, behind the counter.
  32. Under the ramp, by the wedding that's happening on the beach, it'll be on top of a mattress.

Here's a video for the trophies in GoatZ:

Trophy Locations in Payday

  1. On top of the cage that's Valentino Salami's spawn point in the zoo.
  2. On top of the big building next to the ship.
  3. on a mountain at the tip of the beach near the right side of the ship.
  4. Behind a little shack. Go to the street next to the ship, turn right and follow the road and you should see it.
  5. On top of the building with the big sign with CANDY'S SWEETS and JAY'S PHARMACY. You should see the sign from the little shack.
  6. On top of the 2nd tallest building in the town.
  7. Behind the bar above the cinema, which is also the tallest building.
  8. On top of the casino.
  9. Inside the casino, in the middle of a ring of Hi Roller machines.
  10. On the left of the Aerobics Center (between the casino and the cinema) is a small way which leads to a little area, turn left and you should see it.
  11. Inside the COWIES' burger restaurant, behind some machines behind the bar.
  12. On the walkway in front of the billboard, on the side with FLAREBUD on it. You should see it from the burger restaurant.
  13. Inside a cell down in the pit-like prison. If you can't find it, just hit a police officer, he'll throw you in there.
  14. On top of the bank, in the corner right above the BAAA Machine next to the musicians.
  15. On a little flying island. From the bank you should see an end oft the railroad, and from this one you should see a cannon, up the hill. It faces straight to the island, either you can use it to get on top of the island, or you can just fly up with Valentino Salami.
  16. In a small room with a named NPC at a backyard. Go to the right at the Cat Sausage building and you should see some wooden planks next to a graffiti and a trampoline. Break the planks and go inside – the trophy is on the table.
  17. Below the screen with the movie played at the drive-in theatre.
  18. In the racing area with the trailer homes and the tuned cars, behind the trailer with the wood pile.
  19. In an area of the desert with a destroyed car in front of a rock facing out of the ground, near a ramp in the racetrack. The collectible is on top of this rock.
  20. At the end of a dock at a lake. Follow the racing track until you reach the lake.

Here's a video for the trophies in Payday:

Trophy Locations in Waste of Space


  1. In the Crowd Kicker Room after finishing the colony.
  2. After you exit into the oxygen less room, take a right and you'll find a platform with several boxes. Jump up for a hiding trophy.
  3. On top of the One Capsule Hotel.
  4. In the museum in the main attraction: Origin of Spaceflight.
  5. Under a tube with three guards with glowsticks and green shrooms.
  6. On top of the turbine.
  7. Under the asteroid.
  8. On top of the academy's highest building.
  9. Under the half pipe in the academy.
  10. Open the hatch with something very toxic: nuclear waste (see green square).
  11. In a cave at the base level of the mattress building.
  12. On a cliff just east of the crowd funding building.
  13. Under the launch pad.
  14. In a container at the quarry.
  15. On a balcony next to Bonnie's Bed and Beyond.
  16. In the research dome on a pillar in the valley.
  17. Under the bridge of the eastern exit of the research dome.
  18. On top of a post of a billboard 'Aries'.
  19. On a cliff at the top of the Sanctum area with imprisoned civilians.
  20. On the semicircle in the ground next to the test chamber.
  21. In the museum, go to the main platform. Look left for a sewer. Go to it, turn around and you can look under the main platform with 4 arches. It's in the 3rd one.
  22. Launch Pad elevator, at the top to the left.
  23. At the top of the test chamber, either complete it legitimately or fly to the top using Valentino Salami and then Tank to get on it.

Carrier Hub

  1. In the storage room, at the end behind the servers in a vent.
  2. Above canteen door after disabling gravity.
  3. At the end of the trolley pathway, the vent ends above the gravity control hub.
  4. In the bathrooms of the living quarters.


  1. Behind the tall silo with the US flag, look down.
  2. Near the hay bales where Georg Bosch is.

Badehaus (Turdis Area)

  1. At the top of the diving board.

Here's a video for the trophies in Waste of Space: