The Zoo is a location in Goat Simulator: Safari.

Buildings Edit

---Reptile House---

It has a snake, a python, a turtle, and a crocodile.


It includes fish, small sharks, sea horses, and a Giant Piranha.

---Elephant house---

An indoor facility for elephants during cold weather.

Locations Edit

---Polar Bear Rock---

An exhibit with a cold pool and a white rock. Polar bears like to swim often.

---Tiger Forest---

Located behind the elephant house. It is an area with tigers, a viewing window, and a drinking pool.

---Panda Plaza---

It is an exhibit with bamboo, a rock, and a baby panda.

The mother panda also lives here.

---Elephant Exhibit---

It is a large area with a tree, a log, a drinking pool, and an enrichment shed.

The elephant lives here and plays here.